The tooth is the only part of our body that cannot heal itself.

We care for the oral health of our patients from an early age. The ideal time for the first visit to the dentist is when a child turns two. According to the latest survey, from 2013, the average twelve year old child has 4 cavities, repaired or removed teeth. According to the European average only Bulgaria is worse. England is better with only 1 tooth with a cavity, repaired or missing.

children suffer from tooth decay worldwide
Japan 16%
Argentina 100%

Tooth decay can be completely prevented by adequate amounts of fluoride.
Cavities are treated solely with composites, aesthetic restorations, minimally invasive.
Root canal treatments (RCT) are performed usually in one visit, painless.

of the population suffers from a severe form of periodontal disease. Such people are twice as likely to develop heart disease.

Standardized protocols are applied for periodontal treatment, such as aggressive or chronic periodontitis (gum disease).
Lost teeth are restored with titanium dental implants, classic PFM or zirconia bridges or with removable dentures.

people around the world over 65 have lost all their teeth

Infection control is essential to us. Disposable products are used and all instruments are cleaned ultrasonically and sterilized according to the strictest standards in a type B autoclave.