Placing a dental implant is the safest procedure in modern dentistry. The method is painless and has a success rate of over 95%.

Lost teeth are best restored with implants. This spares the remaining teeth from unnecessary filing to make a classic bridge. It is not necessary to restore each lost tooth with an implant. Two implants can support a three-unit bridge while four implants can support a twelve-unit bridge.

By using advanced surgical techniques and proven protocols, the period for integration of the implants is lowered to just two months.

It is possible to place an implant immediately after removing a hopeless tooth and attach a temporary tooth the same day. This greatly reduces treatment time and the number of visits.

If there is no bone available to place implants additional procedures such as guided bone regeneration and sinus lift are performed.



original_all_on_4It is possible to replace lost teeth in just one day. After placing four dental implants a record is made and the dental technician produces a temporary fixed bridge. That bridge is attached to the implants the same day.
This procedure has extraordinary success, for over 20 years. It represents an excellent cost/benefit ratio taking into account the cost, number of visits and time spent.
The definitive bridge on implants can be made in three to four months with CAD / CAM technology.

In 2012. he finished a one-year course in clinical implantology at gIDE and UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

All implants have a lifetime guarantee.

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